Essay Writing Services: Are They Legal?


Some people in the academy might raise their eyebrows when they hear the phrase “essay writing services”.┬áThe point of the questions leads them to several issues, like plagiarism and fraud. After all, you are going to college to study and submit essays and other written materials. If they aren’t yours, then maybe you shouldn’t be graded.

However, this mentality has long been debunked by writers and scholars. The question “are essay writing services legal” has been raised by some professors who think these writing companies are teaching students to become lazy, making them incompetent. It is said that the services teach students to simply copy what they see online.

But here’s the thing: These essay writing services are operating legally. In a democratic country where education is the key to success, but not all can reach the high standards of universities, the essay writing services provide the perfect solution. They help the students with paperwork so the students could submit requirements on time easily. As to whether the essays have been plagiarized, or that the contents are not the students’ own, that will be upon the sole discretion of the professor.

Essay writing is only a part of eductional process

For one, the essay is not the only requirement there is in school. There are recitations, examinations, and other projects that are not included in the services. These are the things where the student will be graded. Though the essays are a portion of their performance in school, these will be offset by how they do well in other areas. Ergo, the essay is not the be-all and end-all of a student’s performance.

The essay writing services are also legal for they do not force the students to get their services. It is the student himself who is responsible for buying the essays or asking someone to do the work for him. This is no different from asking his friend or relative to do the assignment for him. Consider the essay writing service as a glamorous way of asking a person to help you with a composition. Besides, the student doesn’t have to do this all the time. If he were responsible enough and he has learned how to write a decent composition, he may opt to write his own essay already. The essay writing services don’t really go against any rule in the Constitution, but the rules in the university may not be that lenient. That said, it is up to the student to decide whether or not he wants to buy an essay online.


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