5 Things You Need To Know Before Starting A-levels

Some students find the results of GCSE scary, and they don’t have any idea about the 5 things you need to know before starting A-levels. Beyond knowing that the cell is the basic living unit in the body, or that there are so many ways to find X in an algebraic expression, there are certain preparations to be done before the examinations kick in.

  1. Read a lot of books and references on your subjects, especially math, science, and literature. These major subjects contain almost everything you have learned in school, and though it would be much work, it wouldn’t hurt to be prepared and to start browsing your old books again. However, you don’t have to memorize every word or detail. Just get the important ones, especially general information, and try to understand them.
  2. Review with a buddy. When you study alone, you can concentrate on your review; but other times, it also helps when you have a review buddy. You can throw questions at each other. You can answer mock exams and compare your results. Studying with a partner will be so much fun.
  3. Know that A-levels are a huge leap from the GCSE exams. Expect more workload, tighter deadlines, and stress from the initial weeks. There will be sleepless nights, and if you haven’t seen that coming around, it will take you by surprise and you might get a shock from the amount of workload you have to do. It would be best if you already know how to tackle the situation.
  4. Know how to stick to your deadlines. Make a timetable and organize your activities so that you don’t miss out on anything. You’ll be studying a lot of subjects and in each subject, there are a multitude of requirements from professors. The workload is crazy, and you have to seek ways to counter it. Meeting deadlines will also help you in the long run, especially when you’re already working.
  5. Use your free time to study and finish your essays. Strike the balance between being a bookworm and a social butterfly. Dedicate an ample amount of time to schoolwork, and your degree will thank you for it. No one can solve your problems about schoolwork except you. The A-Levels is not like primary grades, where you can call your teacher whenever you need help. You can’t count on your classmate, too, because chances are he would be as busy as you are. Be independent. Learn to figure out things on your own. That is part of education – you have to research by yourself and find the answers instead of asking your teachers and classmates to help you out.

These 5 things you need to know before starting the A-Levels will help you succeed in your university life, and hopefully, in the years beyond graduation.

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