5 University Costs You May Not Know About

University life is not as easy as you think. It’s so unlike the lower grade levels when you stay home (unless you live in a dormitory) and just wait for your parents to pay your tuition. University life is totally different, and there are 5 university costs you may not know about, but could surprise you (and your bank account).

1. There are so-called pre-departure costs. You have your tuition, of course, but if you are leaving the country to study elsewhere in the UK or in another country, you have to consider the hidden fees. Prepare your budget for your Visa application, your flight, your travel necessities, and other expenses that will be incurred during your stay at the university. You will be miles away from your home, and there are stuff you need to bring with you (or must buy there near the university), not knowing how prices change across the seas.

2. While you have seen the tuition on the university’s website, the fee could inflate. To avoid being shocked by the sudden change in the currency rate, convert your money to the currency used in the country you are heading. At least you’ll have an accurate picture of how much you would spend for the tuition. Give a 50% allowance when you budget, as there are miscellaneous fees. It would be better to save up on these hidden fees lest you forget to bring extra money and have to scramble for it when classes start.

3. Don’t forget about your fun money. There will be field trips and social gatherings to give yourselves a break from all that studying. Factor in costs such as bus fare, or anything that you would want to enjoy during your stay in the university. Learn how to budget properly and make allowances for “unforeseen” expenses.

4. Save up for unexpected living costs, too. You will be paying for the flat, the utility bills, and your food. Suppose you can’t find a housemate to split the bill with, you have to do the spending and saving all by yourself. There will be gas expenses, as well, if you’ll be driving a car there. There are Internet expenses too.

5. Be careful about how you use your credit card. You may get too carried away and start swiping your card for books that you have to buy, or the things needed for your studies. Just be careful because if you’re not paying attention to your expenses and your budget, you might be surprised to see that your credit card bill becomes more than you can afford.

If you have reflected on these 5 university costs you may not know about, then it’s high time for you to save up NOW.

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