What To Do When You Miss Lectures

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Is missing lectures harming your studies? Maybe, or maybe not. It actually depends on you, the student. Absences are allowed in the university, but these absences are always noted by your professor and have limits. Once you go beyond the limit, you risk yourself getting a low mark in your course. You can’t afford that in your A-Levels, of course.

However, missing lectures is inevitable. There are things that you can do to save yourself and your studies when you miss lectures so that you don’t have to worry about flunking.

  1. Study ahead of time. Nothing beats early preparations. In A-Levels, you are expected to read chapters ahead of your professor. Whether or not your professor tells you what you should be studying for the week, it is your responsibility to keep updated all the time. You never know when your professor would ask questions from nowhere. In case you miss lectures, you wouldn’t fear getting a low mark in quizzes because you have prepared for them anyway.
  2. Always arm yourself with books that are not in the reading list. The professor’s reading list is already a given, but a real student foresees that there are answers lurking in other volumes. It would be fun to see your professor nod to you in agreement when you surprise him with answers that he is not expecting. It would also be the perfect way to make up for any missed lecture. It’s like being gone for a day and coming back knowing more than your classmates do.
  3. Keep your notes. Sometimes, your professor would check if you were keeping track of his lectures based on what you note down. You can go over your notes and see what could have been added to the information when you missed a lecture. You can ask your classmates, too, but don’t do this often. Remember that you have to be independent in A-levels and everybody else will be busy working on their own stuff.
  4. Always refer to the course outline. It will give you a heads up on what you have been missing so far. It is your guide to what the professor might do next.
  5. Do not worry about this question: Is missing lectures harming your studies? The answer is no, if you don’t do it often. If you miss one or two lectures, that is okay, and you don’t have much of catching up to do. However, if you have been missing more lectures than you are attending classes, then you could be in real trouble. The frequency of your absences WILL harm your studies. Moreover, if you don’t study in lieu of your absences, all the more that you’ll be letting go of your A-levels.
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